A Walk Through Chinatown

The following series was taken in Chinatown, Washington DC back in February this year. One of my favourite streets to shoot is along H Street NW once you pass beneath the Friendship Archway, which can be seen in the last image. It’s full of colour and always bustling with life and interesting things to see.


Washington is full of red and ochre tones, which on a sunny winter’s day gives it a sense of much needed warmth, inviting you to explore with a keen eye, and finger at the ready.


Washingtonians are a canny bunch, so it pays to be light on your feet and keep moving.




The eclectic nature of the architecture, street signs, and people crowded together in such close proximity is what really appeals to me visually about Chinatown. It feels lived in and full of wily, characterful tales, not always good, but visceral.


The Friendship Archway.


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  1. Chinese folks love red (lucky?) I love it myself, along with blue and yellow and green it’s my very favourite colour. And you’ve caught the Chinese atmosphere beautifully …

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    • I suppose they must think Washington a very lucky place then, a place to make big bucks with so much red around!
      Red is a particular favourite of mine. Bill’s too, but apparently my love of the colour even far exceeds his. Most of my office furniture is red. As you may or may not remember I mentioned a while ago that my previous abode in the UK had mostly red decor. I suppose then that red sort of stands out for me when I’m out with the cameras. Obsessed…? No, well maybe slightly… it makes me feel happy. Though like you I too have a very healthy respect for all other colours.

      And thank you, Argus! ๐Ÿ™‚


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