Eastern Princess #2



Altare Della Patria/The Monument of Vittorio Emmanuelle, Rome, Italy, October 2016.


Here’s both versions of this photo, because I was unable to decide which I liked better. Personally I like them both. I’m realising this image forms part of a series I have been shooting, perhaps unwittingly throughout my travels over the past couple years. I shall present them all together, most likely as portfolio gallery on this blog, along with the others under the heading ‘Portfolio’ in the main menu.

Please enjoy!

8 thoughts

    • Thanks, honey. It was very orange out there, but I have to admit that I favouring the feel of Harry Gruyaert’s style lately. I think I’ve definitely bridged the divide between my own purism and artistic inclinations when it comes to photography. I love how creative I can be with images without detracting from the original composition itself. Is it an honest interpretation?
      Yes, I think so, in that it’s my honest interpretation. Also I don’t care whether people approve of my editing choices or not. That part is nobody’s business.
      The bottom line has to be whether you like the image or not, right?

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