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Welcome to Phi Street Photography!

My husband Bill often describes me as an artist who likes to shoot pictures, and although I have been interested in photography for most of my life, I have only developed into the photographer that I am now because of Bill, who is an exceptional photographer, and silent mentor.

I have been an artist all of my life, so for me composition is everything, whether the work is a two dimensional drawing or painting, a piece of jewellery, a sculpture, a piece of writing, or a photograph. With regards to the latter, although it is great to have a piece of equipment that shoots at a high resolution pinpoint clarity is not what makes a shot successful in my mind. Composition, composition, composition!

I think in colours, sounds, textures, and forms because I am a Synaesthete, in fact in my mind and in my world, they are all one and the same thing, quite inseparable, and painting their own pictures that only I am aware of. My perhaps odd view of the world influences everything I do, and it most certainly shapes my photography and the kind of things that I like to shoot.


I like to tell stories with my pictures, and engaging the viewer in the visual narrative, drawing you into the composition is what I’m hoping to achieve with my art. It is at the core of everything I do. Photography is an important art form in my mind, an enduring moment of crystalline magic captured, while seemingly time fleets past all around it. A moment of altered perspective, of inward reflection that can have profound, and far reaching effects, the likes of which have been a driving force in advertising in the last century, and very much underpin our current view of the world and the technology that we all now take for granted. Images are powerful, and that energy is something I revel in and desire to share with others, by presenting the world at its magical best.

My equipment includes, a Fujifilm X100T, dubbed as the best street camera currently on the market, whose quality and sharpness of image has been equalled to the famed Leica. Yay me! I have a Canon SX60 Powershot, I also own two Fujifilm X30s, and a smaller Canon point and shoot which was my trusty companion on many a travel before I got myself a decent camera. I also use my iPhone 6S camera, which has become my alternate camera as I almost always have it to hand, and is quick and easy to use when I’m out and about, although these days I am rarely without one of my Fujis.  My blog often has a selection of images from all of my cameras, I don’t discriminate.

To my eyes, everything is artful and full of beauty, even the most seemingly mundane or sometimes controversial. Compassion requires eyes to see, and a loving heart to accept, as somebody quite wise once said. So this is me, hope to make your acquaintance!

Blessings and peace!


10 thoughts

  1. I enjoyed hearing about your path to photography. Only recently have I realized what a benefit it is to have a background in art when it comes to photograph. I don’t have that background but I am working on it. Thanks for sharing your work and providing the settings you used. Best wishes. Tom (Brick)

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Tom. You are most gracious.
      I suppose art is a very subjective thing. I believe that if you love what you do it will always show in your work. How others respond to it is ultimately what defines it as art. 🙂


  2. I am so delighted to have found you, extremely flattered that you have followed my blog and certainly following yours because it is full of what I love …. beautifully crafted and so clearly the work of an artist. I’m hooked …. let the fun commence 🙂

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