High Fashion

Mannequins in shop windows have become another recurrent theme for me, amongst many others. In fact this little series is a marriage of several themes that tend to catch my eye when I’m out and about on my travels, windows, reflections in windows, shop window displays and, mannequins. My eyes are ever kept busy.

High fashion mannequins keep disdainful watch over the tourists scurrying up and down the Spanish steps in Rome. Some people like me sit and look back. It’s ok, they didn’t see me, they were too busy gossiping…








The Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy October 2016.

4 thoughts

  1. ‘Fashion’ does nothing for this ol’ dog. Fashion (to me) is just a way for the clever to extract money from the easily led … no wonder it’s a moving target.
    Nice shots, especially the banded-colours selfie in the middle. Boom boom!

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