Painted Cities and Towns

Some of you who follow my other blog, Diary of a Person Being Human, or who follow me on Instagram @frieda_mouse, will know that I have been turning my attentions to transforming some of my photographic images into digital paintings. I’ve been having so much fun with it, that I have already created an ample…

A Walk Through Chinatown

The following series was taken in Chinatown, Washington DC back in February this year. One of my favourite streets to shoot is along H Street NW once you pass beneath the Friendship Archway, which can be seen in the last image. It’s full of colour and always bustling with life and interesting things to see….

Beef Kosher

Shooting pictures of street vendors and food wagons is a recurrent theme for me. I find them and the people inside them, as well as the people queueing up in front of them endlessly fascinating. Washington DC, March 2016.

Easy Chair

I love photographing these kinds of details out on the streets. The details that make a city. Such things give a city a sense of character and life. This has probably been a well loved armchair, now left out on the side of the street to be collected as rubbish. Some might think it makes…