Making Waves

Another in my collection of food wagon/street vendor shots. Wherever there is a hive of activity the camera will find good subjects. Hollywood Beach, Miami, Florida January 2016.

Beef Kosher

Shooting pictures of street vendors and food wagons is a recurrent theme for me. I find them and the people inside them, as well as the people queueing up in front of them endlessly fascinating. Washington DC, March 2016.

Easy Chair

I love photographing these kinds of details out on the streets. The details that make a city. Such things give a city a sense of character and life. This has probably been a well loved armchair, now left out on the side of the street to be collected as rubbish. Some might think it makes…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

At the edge of Dublin’s famous Temple Bar there is a great little restaurant called The Mongolian Barbeque. One of my Dad’s favourite eating haunts in the middle of Dublin, he introduced me to it when I went to visit him back in May this year. You find your seat, pick up a bowl and…

New York Subway

New York City is my favourite place to shoot next to Venice, Italy. Like London people there are oblivious to the camera, being long used to tourism. It makes shooting street an enjoyable experience as you are relatively invisible. People in big cities are usually caught up in their own affairs, like chasing stupid Pokémon….