High Fashion

Mannequins in shop windows have become another recurrent theme for me, amongst many others. In fact this little series is a marriage of several themes that tend to catch my eye when I’m out and about on my travels, windows, reflections in windows, shop window displays and, mannequins. My eyes are ever kept busy. High fashion mannequins keep…

A Walk Through Chinatown

The following series was taken in Chinatown, Washington DC back in February this year. One of my favourite streets to shoot is along H Street NW once you pass beneath the Friendship Archway, which can be seen in the last image. It’s full of colour and always bustling with life and interesting things to see….

Eastern Princess #2

Altare Della Patria/The Monument of Vittorio Emmanuelle, Rome, Italy, October 2016.   Here’s both versions of this photo, because I was unable to decide which I liked better. Personally I like them both. I’m realising this image forms part of a series I have been shooting, perhaps unwittingly throughout my travels over the past couple years….

Abstract Venice – Orchid

Travelling across the Laguna from the Lido to St. Marc’s Square. Venice, Italy, October 2016. In the last month and a half I have travelled a lot. I’ve flown to Europe twice in that time and got stranded in Iceland for a night when the airline made me miss my connecting flight back to the…

Making Waves

Another in my collection of food wagon/street vendor shots. Wherever there is a hive of activity the camera will find good subjects. Hollywood Beach, Miami, Florida January 2016.