Making Waves

Another in my collection of food wagon/street vendor shots. Wherever there is a hive of activity the camera will find good subjects. Hollywood Beach, Miami, Florida January 2016.

Mothers and Sons

I took this shot last year when I took my youngest son to Venice for a few days. To my delight my son, who was only five then, was just as happy to spend our time together shooting street as I was, and was every bit the professional with his iPod camera. The kid shows…

Beef Kosher

Shooting pictures of street vendors and food wagons is a recurrent theme for me. I find them and the people inside them, as well as the people queueing up in front of them endlessly fascinating. Washington DC, March 2016.


It isn’t that I have an affinity with Washington DC per se, but that it is the only city within spitting distance of where me and my husband Bill currently live. We live about an hour north of the Nation’s Capitol in a very suburban place full of mostly wealthy, and cagey suburbanites, and where one needs to…

Protracted Conversation

Washington DC’s Chinatown is one of my absolute favourite spots to go street shooting. The architecture has not yet befallen the modernisation that much of the nation’s capitol seems to be undergoing. It makes me want to keep shooting there before all the good stuff gets torn down and replaced by something more homogenous. As…