Sunset Over the Pacific

South Ponto Beach, Carlsbad, Southern California, September 2017.


Getting the camera to see the colours I see is mightily hard, given that it doesn’t quite seem to have the range of colour vision that my eyes have. In fact, not even close. It often frustrates me that a lovely sunset through the camera will look absolutely nothing like it does to my naked eye, and as I fiddle about with the settings, I invariably give up settling for something close enough but not quite.

Luckily, much can be done with some post editing, and even more so when turning a photo into a painting. Extra dimensions are achieved, and something very close to how I saw the original scene emerges, at least in terms of colour palette. Sunsets for me are mostly blue/green with a splash of orange, and other lovely warm pastel tones, rather like the one above. Something to do with having a lot more blue cones in my irises than other folk.

8 thoughts

  1. Lovely work, baby. I understand what you mean. Sunsets are much more orange to my eyes than to the camera. I see warm tones more than cool ones, or the camera does, I suspect. Things look very blue — weirdly so — through the electronic viewfinder, to me, but less so when the final jpeg comes out.

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  2. I suppose it’s natural that we all see differently (I’ve often wondered if Picasso had a driving licence). Your treatments serve your subjects well—especially the one above which otherwise would be just another nice snap. I truly hope you are going places with this work, I imagine that writ large on canvas … boom boom~!

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