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  1. Driving west from Grenoble to our place in Cantal the other day, I counted 15 heron in a field … I have never seen a group of them before. Your image is stunning. But I am getting used to you producing stunning images!

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    • Ha! Thank you very much, Osyth!! You are very kind.
      I’ve seen more Heron here in Maryland than I’ve ever seen on my years of travel. There was one that used to perch on the roof opposite the house where I grew up in London, but that was a rare sight.
      This particular Heron spotted in this photo here had a friend, an Egret who was equally as long and gangly, so that from a distance we thought it might be another Heron – as you say, fairly unusual to see more than one at a time. Unfortunately the Egret was stealthily evading my camera lens, hiding its long slim neck behind long slim branches!!

      Wonderful that you saw so many Heron at the same time.

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