Egret Regret

This is the best I’ve been able to do with this one. Not a terribly sharp image, but then this fellow was rather more evasive than its friend, the Blue Heron from the previous post. I was having to be quick on the trigger and at full zoom too. Also the light was very strong so there was a lot of glare off of the bird’s pristine white plumage. Certainly a first for me seeing a Blue Heron and a Great Egret in the same patch, in fact it’s the first time I’ve seen the Great Egret. We saw other creatures too on our walk along the C&O Canal: a couple of Skinks (lizards), a Common Garter Snake, which I mistook for a tree root and almost trod on, and a plethora of turtles. Probably the most animals we’ve spotted on one of our walks yet. I keep hoping to capture a Golden Eagle on camera – we’ve come across a few now at close quarters, but each time I was without a camera! Typical…


Great Egret. C&O Canal, Maryland, April 2017.

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