The “Friday Fix Your Sh*t” Post

Raw, Naked Art

It’s Friday, so M and I want to advocate, once again, for being professional with your photography and editing it. In order to be more forceful and consistent in our advocacy, we’ve started a new event we’re calling the Friday Fix Your Shit post (#FixYourShizz) on Twitter. Now we know, there are purists among you who worship at the temple of Henri Cartier-Bresson (HCB) and believe that “pure” photography is never cropped or edited.


(click to enlarge) I could have missed his great smile by waiting for them to get closer, or I could just snap the shot and crop it intelligently. Easy choice. I also boosted the colors to equal their sunlit luminosity, as they were in deep shade and the colors couldn’t been seen as well. Eat it, HCB.

HCB didn’t believe in editing because 1) he was a lazy sod who never learned proper editing techniques…

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  1. Funny, I always try to do everything in the camera; and only now am beginning to play with the bells and whistles. (A throwback to the days of film, I’d take my shots then wait for my slides to come back from the labs. WYSIWYG, boom boom!

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