Weekly Photo Challenge – Wish – I Wish…


I Wish…

I wish I were a pretty angel
Dancing on a leaf,
Then jump into the sky
Against all disbelief.
I wish I could espy the crowd
All huddled at my door
From my angelic vantage point,
So they could not hear me roar,
As I swooped down beyond the fence,
And ate each one before,
My stomach churned and told me,
I had to wait till four!

If you’d like to participate in this week’s photo challenge, click here!

6 thoughts

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    • Thank you, Osyth!
      The poem came to me in a flash of inspiration early yesterday morning while still half asleep. I was happy to find a purpose for my wishing lioness! 🙂

      I hope you are keeping well. Excuse my long absence from perusing your wonderful blog.

      Glad to have made you smile!

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      • No need to apologise … life takes priority over reading other blogs, I rather think. I did enjoy this and am delighted with the explanation that it was that half-waking drowsy inspiration which is often-times my very best friend and is clearly no slouch in your corner! All very well here. Settled for a while until the next upheaval ….

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