Dipped Red



I might have mentioned previously how easily I get sidetracked, however sometimes it’s a good thing yielding interesting results. The above image was a product of such a veer in an unintended direction as I searched my archives for TIFF files, mostly to try and make more room on my external hard-drives. I failed to complete my mission, but I did stumble across a cornucopia of images that I had quite clearly forgotten about. I like nice surprises. In the process I re-edited some of them which is always a fun thing to do. It has also been a welcome break from working on my Dublin photos, which I’m still doing. It’s been a big task, but the end is in sight!

Below is another version of the above image, and a couple of the other images I re-edited. Not quite 9am and I feel like I’ve done something today!




Brookside Gardens, Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, 2016.





Brookside Gardens, Butterfly House, Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, 2016.





Washington National Zoo, Washington DC, USA, July 2016.

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