Three Days of Dublin Summer

I’m often at a bit of a loss as to what to post here as I seem to have a very broad range of subjects that I photograph, and that I have photographed over the years. For the past couple of weeks I have been dedicating my time to my Dublin pictures, taken last May on my very first proper visit to the city. I’ve passed through a couple of times before by coach, but never had a reason to stop. My Dad lives in Dublin now so that was my reason this time to take in the sights with trusty camera in hand.

I don’t often bulk edit an entire shoot like I have with Dublin, in fact I’m still editing, but making good progress out of the 600 odd usable photos I managed to whittle it down to. I tend to be a lot more erratic and eclectic in my editing, working on small projects as the mood takes me. But I’m trying to be disciplined in a different way for a change, inspired by my husband who has been working fairly tirelessly on a photo project of his own. As you can tell I must like my husband a lot in order to emulate his working ethic, though I have to say I am now thoroughly sick of looking at Dublin. It goes somewhat against the grain to be quite this regimented, but I am learning new editing techniques that perhaps would not have transpired had I not ventured into this project, and that of course is always a good thing.

My main impetus with my Dublin pictures is that I’m looking for art, not snapshots, therefore many good shots were culled because they didn’t fit the brief. I am a fine artist as much as I am a documentarian when it comes to photography, so for me everything about the composition has to be spot on before I give a final image the ‘ok’. In that way I am extremely regimented. Several versions of an image may come and go, along with several hours before I reach stasis. Like with any art, I believe it should not be easily reproduced. I happen to think that’s important when trying to build a brand, or in developing a personal style. But who cares, right?

Well, hopefully somebody will care enough one day to give me some work because of it. I can but hope. 🙂

The following is a gallery of some of the shots that I have deemed worthy enough of leaving the nest. Enjoy!


9 thoughts

  1. The (possibly unintended) theme I catch here seems to be “people working very hard at being entirely different” … so many individual clones*.

    Some excellent captures there, our Bess~!

    * I remember when all the individualists/rebels had Elvis haircuts, bovver boots, teddy jackets, Beatle haircuts, bell-bottoms, flowers, not-flowers, did moonwalks, short-back-and-sides, rode cloned huge motorbikes that were impressive at the time (but play-doh now) … the beat goes on …

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    • Oh?
      Well … I was a non-smoker when such were highly suss. Still am, but these days down here most folks likewise—but do I get credit for being ahead of the pack? A trend-setter? Nooooo …
      ‘Twas ever thus. Sniff.

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    • The best does indeed go on. But you’re right, Argie, being essentially a popular student these days everybody seems to be trying to fit in by being as different as possible! And then there’s your usual suspects who by virtue of trying not to be different and blend in succeed in doing quite the opposite as with the piccie of the drunk chap whose red nose juice was being worn very kindly by the pavement. I reckon somebody had clocked him one just prior to my candid snap.
      Dublin these days appears to be an odd place. It’s seedy past somewhat jauntily juxtaposed with the influx of the modern and gentrified. You can dress a pig up and try to make it look more dignified, but it’s still a pig in a frock. I feel the same way about London too. You and I both remember what it was like back in the day…

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  2. these are wonderful shots, Maria, show such great attention to detail.. very dynamic, colorful and interesting to go through… especially when I’ve never been to Dublin 🙂 love the back shot of the man with the hat, holding his longer sleeve (hope my English makes sense lol :))

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