Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience/The Crack


Ambience, otherwise known as the Crack in Irish-English, and there’s a very Irish term if ever there was one! Of course no offence intended with what may be construed as an inappropriate racial slur, however I’m harking back to my own childhood here growing up in what was a very stereotypically, and racially monochrome London, back in the day when such terms were used with wild abandon. To say something was a little Irish meant that it wasn’t quite right, or back-to-front. Having a healthy dose of Irish ancestry myself, and proud of it, a good sense of humour certainly comes with the territory. I feel however, that today’s humorous underbelly has somewhat seeped away and gone elsewhere. One Irish guy got the joke on Instagram. The joke being that the above shot was taken in Dublin last year.

With such dismal feedback I feel the world to be somewhat comedically impoverished today. Lighten up folks, it can always get worse, just think to the 20th…or maybe not!


If you’d like to participate in this week’s challenge, click here!

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