Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience


I’m often trying to capture a certain ambiance in my photographs. The kind that instead of taking you outside of yourself, puts you firmly back inside of yourself where the emotions swim about in abundance and with abject freedom. It works to varying degrees depending on how emotionally connected with yourself and the world you are, as the viewer of the image. As an artist my goal is to try to sneak past any apparent barriers, and I do so with all the love and gentleness I can muster, which is generally why you won’t see adverse images in amongst my work, but you will see a lot of rich colour, tone, and other clever stuff that may not be so obvious.

There are other methods, other than shock tactics to delivering a good story, and of engaging your audience, and perhaps for a moment or two giving them something else to ponder even if it is not known exactly what is being pondered, or why it was being pondered in the first place. Emotions are like that, there are usually no words that do them justice. Might as well just smile and feel. A good image to my mind should not require words to qualify it, present contradictions not withstanding…



If you’d like to participate in this week’s challenge, click here!

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