Miami by night takes on a very different character than Miami by day. As impressive as the Art Deco architecture of Miami’s South Beach is during the daylight hours, it dons a very different costume past the crepuscular hour and becomes a dizzying concoction of dancing neon lights and soft glows that entice the passerby to come closer and explore the usually invisible interiors, and to see Miami in a whole new way. The squat, broad-leafed palm trees and azure sky stop being the centre of attention, and life begins to swirl and blossom in a profusion of delectable tones that make you want to capture a piece of it to take home.

Night time photography is always an interesting challenge as low light levels and flashing bright lights can tax even the best of equipment, and the most proficient of photographers. But it’s a challenge I enjoy and launch into with concerted enthusiasm, ever trying to capture the magical glow that I’m seeing at that moment.




South Beach, Miami, Florida, January 2016.


12 thoughts

  1. I’d say you succeeded, very nicely. You caught the inside, and by contrast the outside—one warm and unaware, peaceful; the other remote and colder … and if you let your eyes roam out through the roof, the colder still yet patient detachment of the latticework. Furthermore: boom boom~!

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  2. Two photos in one. From the bottom up to the green guttering just above the black wriggly line (awning?) is one shot; the latticework added makes an entirely new shot. )))))

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    • Looking more closerer at the image I realise that the lattice work is actually a balcony. How lovely to have a balcony onto the world, oh wait… I have one… my head must still be living in the UK, where balconies are things those foreign types have in far off sunny places. 😉


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