WPC – It Wouldn’t Be This Time of Year Without…the Littlehampton Parade

It just wouldn’t be this time of year without the fabulous antics of the Littlehampton Parade and fireworks, on the South Coast of England. Usually it’s bitingly cold, and extremely windy, but this year was unseasonably warm, and the night air was still. Usually it is held the weekend before Bonfire Night, which for those of you not familiar with this very British tradition is the 5th November, and commemorates the time when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament back in 1605. We Brits have long memories, and Bonfire Night gives us all an excuse to awaken our inner pyromaniac. It’s great fun.

At the end of the Parade usually hosted by local clubs and charities everybody makes their way to the long green on the seafront where an absolutely humongous bonfire lights up most of Littlehampton. Each year is a race to make it bigger than the last, and each year they seem to succeed. This mountain of reclaimed wood and god knows what else is an impressive sight. You can feel the heat from a quarter of a mile away. I’m not kidding!

Then come the fireworks, the part of the evening everyone has been waiting for…















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  1. Certainly you’ve done very well indeed, and much better than I could ever hope to have done.

    And as for Guy Fawkes, history has him down as the only man ever to enter Parliament with altruistic intentions …

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