Mothers and Sons


I took this shot last year when I took my youngest son to Venice for a few days. To my delight my son, who was only five then, was just as happy to spend our time together shooting street as I was, and was every bit the professional with his iPod camera. The kid shows real potential, and has an unswerving eye for a good shot. In fact, I bought him his very own Fujifilm camera for his 5th birthday on his request. He told me quite specifically that he wanted, “A real camera…”, although I think it’s still a little too advanced for him. I have no doubt he’ll have it sussed in time.

I’m looking forward to returning to Venice next Tuesday. This time however, I will be visiting with Bill, my husband. It’ll be Bill’s very first visit, and I can’t wait to show him around my favourite place in the world. It means I will have been to Venice with all of my favourite people, my three children and my best friend and love. It makes me go all misty eyed just thinking about it…

Anyway, here is one of my son’s shots from our last visit,


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