Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge


At the edge of Dublin’s famous Temple Bar there is a great little restaurant called The Mongolian Barbeque. One of my Dad’s favourite eating haunts in the middle of Dublin, he introduced me to it when I went to visit him back in May this year.

You find your seat, pick up a bowl and build your desired dish from the fresh ingredients available at the buffet counter. Then you take to the Chef and he cooks it right in front of you while you wait with rumbling stomach and wide eyes. Using two long blades with blunt edges he scoops and mixes several dishes at a time, sizzling away on the huge circular skillet. It’s great stuff!

I snuck this shot in as me and my Dad waited for our food. It was fun watching the guy work, very skilful he was with those blades of his!

If you’d like to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, click here!

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