Daisy, Daisy…


In more recent times I have been taking a lot of photos of flowers. I was an obsessively keen gardener for many years. Having grown up with a father who was a garden designer, horticulturist and parks manager for a couple of big London parks, flowers and plants were just part of my everyday life, and I loved them. I always hoped and looked forward to my Dad taking me along on trips to nurseries and garden centres. I’d always come home with a small pot plant or cactus of my own.

Although I no longer grow thousands of plants myself, mainly because I no longer have a garden, my love of flowers in particular is still evident in my photography, my art and my jewellery designs. Nothing makes me happier than wandering around looking at flowers, and getting artistic inspiration. I’m sure I must both amuse and annoy my husband Bill that I keep pointing out all the plants and flowers I’ve grown every time we visit these places. It’s ok, I do it in supermarket too with vegetables and fruit. I’ve grown a lot of those too in my time.

A favourite place to visit is Brookside Gardens, here in Montgomery County where these shots were taken. Another is the Botanical Gardens in Washington DC which is a little gem, although I haven’t yet managed to look through my photos of that particular visit. I hope you enjoy these!


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    • All my window ledges were always taken up by trays of seedlings at certain times of the year, before being transferred to the greenhouse. I could never beat to throw young seedlings out so I ended up with thousands of plants every year. I would give some away, and a bunch would die, but my garden was never empty or lacking in colour and variety. ๐Ÿ™‚

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