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Harmony Split Image 5_Pale Ocre_MPHIX


As a photographer and artist, the most important part of an image for me is the finished product. I spend a lot of time in the digital darkroom attempting to create works of art, working with what falls within my photographic frame, sometimes experimenting with new ways of presenting my work in a way that is fresh and hopefully inspirational. In the process I learn a lot too.

There are many ways to frame an image, and often I will use frames within the photographic frame itself in order to create a narrative, as in the image above, or equally to create a sense of intimacy and depth, as in the images below (click on an image to view the gallery):




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8 thoughts

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  2. Wow … that baseball guy, brilliant capture of power and dynamic mobile positioning; frozen in one fraction of a moment~!
    And the Metro guy—superb imagination.

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